It’s Stimulating

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Tonight is the seventh evening that I have administered my own shots for the ovary stimulation process. I would have been here to post days ago, but these injections have my hormones doing funny things, including making me very sleepy…except at night, when I am laying in bed, hubby Bryan is snoring up a storm, has been for 2 hours and all I want to do is join him in dream land. Thankfully for me, I went into ovary stimulation with existing insomnia, so I am no stranger to lonely moments awake at 2am.

As I said in this post, 7 days in and I am indeed a pro (for the most part) at giving myself shots. Although before and after the whole process I still get the willies just thinking about it. Like: ohh my gawd, I just punctured my skin with a tiny needle and felt that creepy fluid over take my lower abdomen…yikes!! The first 4 days consisted of two injections between 7pm and 9pm every day. 225 IU of Follistim and 75 IU of Menopur. Then on day 5, Christie (my IVF coordinator) told me to add in 1 syringe or 250 mcg of Ganirelix at the same time and place. Yippy!! (Sense the sarcasm?) So now I am up to 3 injections every evening in my lower abdomen. And yes, it has become second nature so I am somewhat of a pro. IMG_2676And I have the battle wounds to show for it. Please note the slightly dissented belly I now bare. This is bloating because my ovaries are working overtime trying to produce more eggs then they ever have or ever will in one single cycle. So they are surely swelling.

So no, I am not super excited about giving myself the injections but it is a small part of a process which is all for the greater good. I am so very willing to suffer now so I can one day soon meet the human that Bryan and I are tirelessly working to bring into this world. This surely is only the beginning of the suffering I will endure on a physical level in this process and but a mere fraction of suffering I will endure on an emotional level as I become a mother.

Tomorrow I have an ultrasound and blood work first thing in the morning. This will be the first ultrasound since starting ovary stimulation so I am excited to find out that I am making positive progress. Blood work last week was excellent so I have nothing but hope that all is well and that I am responding beautifully to the stimulation medication. I will check back in here after tomorrow’s appointment.

…Unitl then, thanks for reading…I think there is maybe 2 of you doing so. LOL!! 😝



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