Baby Steps

Forgive the “punny” title. I don’t have the easiest time coming up with titles for these posts. With my other blogs that revolve more around the creative world, I find that coming up with pretty words to express the mood of the post come easy to me. Yet, this whole process and these themes are so foreign to me: motherhood, conception and pregnancy…that sometimes I don’t exactly know how to express (in 2-3 words) what it is I plan to talk about. Lately, I have so much running through my head and heart and I am not exactly sure where to begin. I can start by saying that through all I am feeling, the main theme for me is happiness. There is no doubt in my mind the amount of happiness and excitement I am feeling. I mean, let’s be honest, this is basically the face I made when the doorbell rang this afternoon…Avella Pharmacy delivered my ovary stimulation medications today!

“Did you hear that?”

Never in my life have I  been so excited to see so much medication. And I have never been excited seeing syringes…but today I was. I opened the huge box so fast you would have thought it was a delivery from Urban Outfitters. Nope. Just $4,000 worth of IVF injections. NBD.

IMG_2589.JPGAs I said in this post, once my period starts, we call to schedule an appointment with our IVF coordinator, Christie, where she will go over how and when to use all of this medication. All but one are injectable. I am not that nervous about the needles, maybe a little nervous about the fact that I need to give the shots to myself. But I am a quick learner and, by this time next week, I will be a pro! The consult should be on Monday, then from there it is about 11 days of medication. On the 12th day I administer the Lupron trigger shot, by which the timing is crucial. Christie will be giving me precise instructions next week, which I will go over with you then, but from what I have heard and read the trigger will be administered exactly 36 hours prior to the egg retrieval procedure.

They will retrieve the eggs then allow them to mature for 5 days in perfect laboratory conditions. Then the eggs will be fertilized with the hubby’s sperm, which will be retrieved from him the same day the eggs are retrieved. The Fertility Center believes very strongly in the freeze/thaw method for embryos. The embryos will be frozen for at least 3-4 weeks prior to being transferred to me. This will allow my body time to regulate after all of the medication, which will prepare my body to have the best conditions to accept the embryo(s).

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, here. Getting the medication today is just one of MANY baby steps we will be taking on this amazing journey.

Tomorrow I am going to try and tackle some of the things that I have been feeling lately. Until then…. 💕



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