I Will Be a Mother

As I look back at the few posts already on this blog, and their titles, I realize that there was something subconscious in what the eventual purpose for this space would be. What this blog has now become is the space where I will share the fertility journey that my husband and I are about to embark on. I am aware of the possible “places” this journey will take us so I think having an outlet like this will be helpful, as we enter this completely new territory.


And today seems like the perfect day to write my first post: Mother’s Day! In the past this day has been very difficult for me, because of my yearning to be a mother and the sad fact that I was not yet one. But today, thanks to the overwhelming hope in my heart and the undeniable knowledge that I will be a mother, Mother’s Day is no longer difficult. I am happy celebrating the mothers in my life, including my sister, step daughter, sister-in-law and many of my dear friends.

I remember when the maternal urge first hit me… about 7 years ago or so, many of my friend’s children were reaching elementary school age and I honestly hadn’t thought about wanting kids at all. But out of no where the urge to procreate hit me like a speeding truck and it was not a feeling I was expecting. Fast forward to today; my husband and I, after a couple years of lengthy conversation and the weighing of pros and cons, have decided that we really do want to bring a child into this world. I am already so blessed to be step mother to four amazing kids ranging in age from 15 to 27. I am so in love with them and so grateful for their presence in my life. This love that parents are so blessed with is the ultimate reason we have decided to make a child together. One can never have too much love! And I can’t wait to know and feel the love that a parent has for their own child.

Because my dear husband has had a vasectomy and I have never been pregnant we have decided, with the help of our fertility doctor, that we are skipping IUI and going right for IVF. The process begins at the end of this month and I couldn’t be more elated to begin. I am so excited to share about the journey as we go step by step and I welcome any questions and support. I am extremely blessed to have a couple of dear friends who have successfully been through the IVF process and I am so grateful for their openness and willingness to guide us along the way.

My next post will cover some of the things we have already begun doing to help ensure fertility success, including coverage of the belief in positive affirmations and the power of manifestation. Thanks for reading!


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